Ladies and Gentlemen, I present The Lava Mod! This BBMM-powered mod adds exciting and rewarding new items to the game! Let's go over the various stuff and how to get them, shall we?

Let's start with Lava Stone Ore. It generates like any normal ore and looks like this:

The ore can then be smelted into a Lava Stone, like so:

Five Lava Stones can then be crafted into a Lava Crystal:

It should also be noted that each gem has a storage block (and yes, it can convert back!):

The tools craft the same way as regular tools, except you must substitute Sticks with Blaze rods:

The armor behaves in the same way, only without the blazerods:

One last thing I need to mention is that this mod has full Mine Little Pony support:

Oh, and don't forget Fury Art!

I know that the mod was made with a mod maker (BBMM), so please don't hate me for that; I can't code Javascript. And BBMM is actually surprisingly powerful. In fact, I recommend you try it out! It can be a little frustrating, but it's still better than actually coding...



Do you have a whole double-chest full of Nasty, Disgusting, Horrible, Smelly Rotten Flesh sitting around doing nothing? Worry no more! This mod will fix that!

Here's the star of the show, Compacted Flesh (which is compatible with Thaumcraft 4 Flesh Blocks)!

These are kind of like Compacted Cobble from "Extra Utilities," only better. you can "Bejewel" them, like so:

...And smelt them into either Iron, Gold, or Diamond (yes, that's what I said!) depending on the type:

Now, let's get into the more random things. here's "Tanned Flesh," which can be recieved by smelting rotten flesh. Six of that then goes into one piece of leather:

...And then, finally, there's the Flesh Smoker, which is crafted with one Iron Bar surrounded by anything registered in the OreDictionary as oreIron:

For fuel, you must make "Applewood Chips," crafted like so:

Then you stick in one piece of Rotten Flesh, and you get...Zombie Jerky!

Sadly, due to a bug with BBMM, Zombie Jerky does not stack... :p

-*- Downloads -*-

Click HERE to download The Lava Mod v1.7.10.1.

Click HERE to download The Lava Mod v1.6.4.1.

Click HERE to download Useful Flesh v1.6.4.1.

-*- Installation Instructions -*-