These are all of the Minecraft maps I have made. Sadly, there is only one right now, but I am working on another!

-*- Pikminfreak's Jump -*-

[This map is broken in 1.8, and probably 1.7... Play in 1.6] Pikminfreak's Jump is an exciting map with several tricky jumps and lots of hidden secrets. Can you find all of the hidden treasures, collect the wool, and make it to the end of the map? Only one way to find out!

Click HERE to download Pikminfreak's Jump v1.5.1.

-*- Installation Instructions -*-

-*- Note: -*-

The starting room will say you have to use Minecraft Space or Minecraft Space HD for best playing. Do not do so for now, because MCSpace is quite old, and really needs to be redone. It's not even up for download at the moment...


Here are all the resource packs I have made. However, MCSpace hase been taken down for the moment.

-*- Fury Art: -*-

Introducing Fury Art, the HD cartoon-style resource pack that is true to the original! Inspired by the "Faithful32x32" resource pack, Fury Art is a higher quality version of the default textures, but with a cartoon art style.

Update! The resource pack has been updated to 1.8.1!

What's new in 1.8.1:

Fury Art currently has support for all block, item, armor, GUI, and environment vanilla textures. There are also a few mod textures, as well as full Simply Jetpacks support and Mine Little Pony armor.

-*- Installation Instructions -*-

Click HERE to download Fury Art v1.8.1

Click HERE to download Fury Art v1.7.10.3

Click HERE to download Fury Art v1.7.10.2

Click HERE to download Fury Art v1.7.10.1

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